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Creative & restless mind

I am passionate about design, shapes, and colors since elementary school.

Self-taught and a fan of new technologies and their creative possibilities.

I have worked in the Apple environment since 1984, although I do not disdain a good PC.

I have worked as a teacher at the La Garriga Art School in Barcelona.

I have had my own creative studio for 15 years in Barcelona.

I have lived and worked in Spain, China, Singapore, and Japan.

In China, I have my own Communication and Graphic Design company.

I have participated in several projects and technological startups on Art, blockchain, and NFTs.

I collaborate with the Cervantes Institute, in its Cervantes Library in Shanghai.

I have traveled and travel whenever there is an opportunity.

I enjoy cooking.

And I have been a father and this background photo was taken by my son when he was 5 years old (I had to say it).

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